Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 90 Second Little cayman Sunset

This video was taken from the balcony at Condo del Sole (

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Little Cayman Vacation

Little Cayman is very much back up and running after a very busy hurricane season. The weather between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve this ast week was absolutely perfect. We stayed at Condo del Sole, on the western tip of the island. Here are some photos and video from Little Cayman:

Sunrise at Condo del Sole - Little Cayman

Sunset at Condo del Sole - Little Cayman

Lion Lizard sitting on Iguana's Tail on the Grounds at Condo del Sole

Flock of Egrets at the Westerly Ponds

Little Cayman Butterfly

Little Cayman Flower and Ladybug

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hurricane Paloma

This is a firsthand account of Hurricane Paloma from Elizabeth McCoy, whose residence is located on the North Coast of Little Cayman...

Hello All,

I just arrived (evacuated) back in the States from our home on the North Coast of L.C. First I'll answer questions I have read here, then tell you the story.

We made a circuit of the island before we left yesterday. For all I would recommend having someone who has a key to your homes go and check inside. The intense pressure from the storm caused many interior ceilings to come down.
For those who don't know me, our house is the two story white cement house just east of Asters. I was there with my 86 year old Mother and her 77 year old friend. Being a good host! Went to bed at 12:30am knowing it had just made Cat 3, but was still not too concerned. Gustov had just be through and we suffered no damage other than vegetation. Awoke at 3:45am to terrible noise. Went to living room and saw water boiling up in the window seams. Went to the guest bedroom (upper SE side) and the double doors were trying to be sucked out. I tried to hold them (don't ask why, just instinct I guess). I held on for about 15 minutes until one was sucked out and sailed away, almost taking me with it. I realized I had to get out of there, but was afraid to let go of the other door because the sucking was so intense. Then the interior door to that room began slamming open and shut and began coming out of it's frame. I waited for a few more moments, then made a run for it. I got back through the house to the master bedroom where I had left my Mother in bed ( she slept with me that night because of the storm...hubby still in the states) and found the ceiling collapsed onto the bed. I screamed for Mother and she grabbed me from behind. She had awakened as the ceiling began coming down and and gotten into the hallway going into the master bath. We spent a terrifying night in the master closet listening to the house trying to be taken apart around us. Our guest was in the downstairs guest apartment alone. The house and floor shook like an earthquake, for hours. Finally about daylight, I could feel the winds abating. I knew the worst was over. I tried to open the bedroom door toward the living area and couldn't budge it. The wind and suction was still so strong it wouldn't open. Finally around 8am I was able to open the door. I wanted to get downstairs to check on our guest. I sight I found was shocking. Both double french doors in living area and guest room were gone! Partial ceiling collapse in the kitchen, ankle deep water. When I got downstairs, our guest was mopping! Water had gone down the AC ducts from upstairs, loosened sheet rock on that ceiling and was finding the lowest point. The good news is our guest slept through most of it. She said she heard the banging, got up and felt water on the floor, and decided it best to go back to sleep. She slept through most of it!

It was 3 days before we could get out to the road. We did so by driving the beach east to Ken Halls house, then out to the road. Thank God for our 4-wheel drive. It was five days before the water was low enough on the road in front of the house to use it. There's so much to tell but I'll stop there. Just know that Ed Aster got to us damsels in distress by 10am. (he and Barb live just to the west of us) He left his home, which by the way was a bit worse than ours, and came to check us and help. He spent two hours with me retrieving doors from the yard and helping me at least semi close up the gaping holes in my home. And the wind was still blowing about 40 knots. God bless him.

I hope this narrative helps. I will be glad to answer any questions I can. My husband came down as soon as he could get in, we dried in the house and left. Will return when we get power, which given the holidays will probably be Jan 1. God's blessings to all.

Elizabeth McCoy

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Cayman's One Room Schoolhouse

On a recent visit to Little cayman, I had the opportunity to visit the Little Cayman Elementary School. Take a look...

In this video, the students in Miss Veronica Khan's classroom took Teacher John on a class trip outside of their school to locate and identify the varied flora in the immediate vicinity of their one room schoolhouse on the beautiful island of Little Cayman. Taron, Jovian, and Justin identified many different plants, such as oleander, jasmine, rose, cactus, orchid, and the national tree of Cayman, the silver thatch palm. Plans are underway for the students in Miss Veronica's classroom to use teleconferencing and other means of communication to begin education related and FUN activities with their counterparts at a school in Philadelphia. Miss Veronica and her able assistant, Miss Kerry Scott are doing wonderful work with the students in their care.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Little Cayman Sunsets

We just returned from Condo del Sole a magnificent, 2 story oceanfront Caribbean condo located on the western tip of Little Cayman, the smallest and most beautiful of the Cayman Islands. Our first entry, shown here...

is a video compilation of sunsets from the Champagne Balcony at Condo del Sole. In the near future, look for other video entries that show what makes Little Cayman such a truly special place.
For more information about Condo del Sole and Little Cayman, go to: or just leave a comment on the blog.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Burgess Meredith and Christopher Columbus on Little Cayman

On the remote North Coast of Little Cayman, two unlikely historical figures have ties to the island. Take a look...

Going up the North Coast Road, the blacktop ends at Olivine Kirk Road which straddles Little Cayman. About 3 miles up the gravel portion of North Coast, there is a tiny cottage with a warning sign out front: NO TRESPASSING. BURGESS MEREDITH. Sometime around 1960, the actor built his little house in this particularly beautiful part of the North Coast. Mr. Meredith could be seen on Little Cayman when he was "getting away", right up until his death in the mid-1990's.
Five hundred years ago, another historical giant found his way to Little Cayman. In 1503, on his last trip to the New World, Christopher Columbus made landfall at beautiful Snipe Point at the end of the North Coast Road about 4 miles from Mr. Meredith's home. Until his death, Columbus thought he had sailed to India and that the islands where he landed were located in Asia rather than in what we now call the "West Indies" in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
It is said on Little Cayman that both of these gentlemen made landfall here to "dry out", each in their own way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Iguanas of Candle Road - Little Cayman

In this video, we see the Little Cayman Blue Footed Iguana in its native habitat. Take a look...

These magnificent creatures can be found throughout the little island and particularly at a dense forest on Candle Road, near Preston Bay. For more information about the iguanas of Candle Road, visit our website at: